New MOT rules - five changes that will affect you | RAC Drive

New rules came in on Sunday the 20th of May!

New MOT rules - how do they affect you? | RAC Drive

New rules coming in on Sunday the 20th of May!

12 hacks for spring cleaning your car | RAC Drive

Sunshine and car cleaning 🌞🚗🧙‍♂️🏍️💪🚘☀️

Advanced Stop Lines - what are they and can I get fined for entering one? | RAC Drive

£100 fine when stopped at a red light! The great bike box debate

Parking on the pavement - is it illegal? The definitive answer | RAC Drive

Here's the answer - but do you think it's right?

Met Office

Find out what the weather has planned this weekend with this video from our friends at the Met Office

Highways England

It's a bank holiday weekend - so for some of us that will mean transporting a boot-load of flatpacks. Do this safely and you can be sure you and your new goods will arrive in one piece!

Replacing lost car keys costs motorists over £180m | RAC Drive

Is losing your car keys 🔑 familiar to you? If so, you're not alone according to new RAC research

‘Real-life Transformer’ turns from robot into electric car | RAC Drive

We're just going to leave this here...

Breakdown cover explained

Not sure what breakdown cover best suits your needs?

Is it illegal to drive barefoot? Driving without shoes in the UK | RAC Drive

SUN'S OUT - flip flops out??? 🌞🌞

New car headlights could lead to more road accidents | RAC Drive

Has this affected you while driving?

Should I buy a diesel car? | RAC Drive

Unclear on the current issue? Here are the facts

The Department for Transport is considering extending a pavement parking ban from London to across England with the possibility of £70 fines. Scotland is also consulting on such a move.
Would you support a blanket pavement parking ban? Have your say.

Easter 2018 weather forecast, courtesy of the Met Office and the RAC

Might the weather disrupt your weekend plans? Find out what's in store as the Easter getaway begins with this special forecast from our partners the Met Office 🌦️. And find out more in our dedicated bank holiday travel guide

New car headlights present ‘unwanted safety risk’ to drivers | RAC Drive

Do you find some modern car headlights too bright? 65% of drivers we spoke to say they get regularly dazzled. Find out what else our research found about the topic - and what is being done about it.

We catch up with new RAC patrol Lee after his appearance on Channel 4's The Job Interview

Did you tune into The Job Interview on Channel 4? Find out how the successful candidate and new RAC patrol Lee is getting on since joining us! And if you think you've got what it takes to be a patrol, check out

Have the candidates got what it takes to be an RAC patrol?

At 10pm tonight we're featuring on Channel 4's The Job Interview. Watch the final stage interview to see if one of the three candidates did enough to become a new roadside patrol! Here's a taste of what's to come...

Jammy dodger time? The RAC's interviewers take a break on Channel 4's The Job Interview

Ever wondered what we look for in our new roadside patrols? Perhaps you've thought of applying to become one yourself. Watch Channel 4 TV tonight as three hopefuls bid to become a new patrol serving south west England. Here's a short trailer featuring our two interviewers, Chris and John

Reduce the chances of breaking down in winter with these top tips | RAC Drive

With the Beast from the East returning, it's well worth taking 15 minutes to help prevent getting stranded on the roads.

We are launching 'The RAC Guide to the Great British Pothole and Other Road Surface Defects' today to mark National Pothole Day #NPD2018 To get your copy visit:
A tongue-in-cheek guide with a serious message to the Government: give local authorities enough money to bring all of the UK’s roads up to a standard that is fit for purpose. All potholes and road surface defects need to be reported here:
Post your own pothole photos on Instagram at @potholepics

Car Broken Down? | Get Immediate Cover | RAC

We're experiencing a high demand for our service due to the adverse weather. If you're in a safe location, you can log your breakdown request via the following link until 8pm this evening:

Thank you for your patience.


Tomorrow is National Pothole Day - as the UK is in the grips of a pothole plague we want to encourage drivers to report potholes and road defects to the relevant authorities.
We have teamed up with Mr Pothole and to help spread the message we are launching: The RAC Guide to the Great British Pothole and Other Road Surface Defects.
To report a pothole today visit

Working from home? Off with the kids?
If you have reported a fault or a breakdown but do not need to travel today then we will get to you as soon as we can. However our teams are prioritising those motorists who are broken down and stranded on the roads.

Screenwash bottle frozen? Here's what to do

We are dealing with a high number of breakdowns at the moment and that is likely to continue over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Our patrols are working hard to get to our members and help them back on the road and safely home. But there are some DIY fixes and tips you can follow to avoid a breakdown or keep your car safe. Check out our video or click

Winter driving advice for motorists | RAC Drive

⚠️ Bad weather update: We are seeing an unprecedented demand for our services. By 1100GMT our teams had already helped more than 3,500 stricken drivers - 80% more than we would expect in early March.

Please heed all Met Office weather warnings before you drive.

All our winter driving advice can be found here:

We're experiencing a high demand for our service due to the adverse weather. If you're in a safe location, you can log your breakdown request via the following link:

We'll text you back within 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.


A complete guide to safe driving in the snow | RAC Drive

Make sure you read our tips to stay safe on the roads!

RAC patrols return in new series of Extreme Winter Road Rescue | RAC Drive

Don't forget to check out one of our patrols in action on Channel 5 this evening

Car won't start in the cold? Possible causes and preventative tips | RAC Drive

WEATHER WARNING ❄️⛈️🌫️ Is your car ready for the plummeting temperatures?

10 checks to prevent a breakdown this winter | RAC Drive

It's getting a lot colder out there. Do you know what to look out for that might suggest your car is not winter ready?

Winter Breakdown Kit Checklist & Essentials | RAC Drive

With snow in the forecast, make sure you have an emergency kit to hand in case you get caught out. Here's our tips for what to pack

Get ready for an icy Siberian blast with temperatures dropping this week and snow expected next week. Watch this Met Office forecast for the weekend and the week ahead.

Watch the very latest weather forecast from the Met Office looking across the weekend and ahead into next week. It is an icy Siberian blast for everyone with snow expected in the east from Monday and sporadic snow showers across the week.
There will be prolonged low temperatures with a high risk of ice which will make for risky driving conditions. If you are planning to travel check the local forecasts and don't forget to pack your emergency winter kit - just in case you get caught out.

Traffic jams - what causes them? | RAC Drive

Could more cohesive driving lead to fewer jams?

Reduce the chances of breaking down in winter with these top tips | RAC Drive

With the Beast from the East flying in next week, there's lots you can do this weekend to reduce the chances of your car failing you

Driving without due care and attention - are you an offender? | RAC Drive

Do you know what this means? Is this you?

Traffic wardens - know your rights | RAC Drive

Do traffic wardens have targets? Myths and facts explained

Have you been in an accident where the other motorist was found to be below the legal age to drive? If so, if you are happy to talk about your experience then our press team would like to hear from you. Please email and we will be in touch.

Photos from RAC's post

Missed The One Show on BBC1 last night? Catch up to watch the RAC's Nick Lyes explain how best to use a mobile phone in the car legally and safely! #BePhoneSmart 👍

Be Phone Smart - Promise you'll not use a handheld phone at the wheel

Don't miss The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm tonight - our head of roads policy will be talking about what's safe and legal when it comes to phone use in the car. Check out more tips and advice, and make a personal pledge to keep our roads safer, at #BePhoneSmart

Is it illegal to drive with snow on your car? | RAC Drive

With a chance of snow on the roads, it's well worth knowing the laws.

Parking guide: where you can and can't park | RAC Drive

Are you ever allowed to park on double or single yellows?

We welcomed @Bham_Childrens into the office today to present them with this cheque from all the staff @TheRAC_UK A total of £1662.82 for fund raising efforts. Well done #OrangeHeroes ! 📸🙂📸

Today we're talking potholes as we release new data that shows our members are suffering more breakdowns as a result of them. We want to see ring-fenced money for local roads to finally fix the problem - what do you think?🤔

Seen a pothole that needs fixing? Report it easily via our website:

Have you had a dispute with a private parking operator over an unfair penalty, exorbitant fines or heavy-handed debt management?
Do you want to share your story? Contact our press team on
Read our advice on how to challenge an unfair parking charge notice #fairerparking

Drivers reject plans to extend MOT-free period for new cars | RAC Drive

Fewer than half the drivers consulted supported the change

A complete guide to safe driving in the snow | RAC Drive

Those who are affected by the snow please take care on the roads - tag and share if this relates to someone you know

A quarter of drivers don’t understand car finance options before buying | RAC Drive

Looking to buy a new car on finance? Take note

Higher fuel prices could be ‘new norm’ in 2018 | RAC Drive

Not the best outlook for 2018, but we will be keeping you posted

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